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A financial ratio is a ratio of two numbers of reported levels or flows of a company.

EDGAR Online segments financial ratios into the following:

Current Valuation Ratios
PriceYesterday's Closing Stock Price
Market Cap (000's)The dollar value of all the outstanding shares at yesterday's closing price. (Price * Shares Outstanding)
Revenue (000's)The total revenue of the company as of their last annual report.
Net Income (000's)The net income of the company as of their last annual report.
EPSThe dollar amount of earnings available to each common share outstanding.
P/E The amount an investor is willing to pay for each dollar of earnings.
Price To Book The relationship of the stock price to book value. (Price / Total Equity Per Share)
Price To Sales The relationship of the stock price to annual revenues. (Price / Total Revenues Per Share)
Dividend A distribution from the company to its stockholders.
Dividend Yield The dividend rate of return to stockholders at yesterday's closing price. (Dividend Per Share / Price)
Dividend Payout The percentage of net income that is paid out to stockholders in the form of a dividend. (Dividend Per Share / Earnings Per Share)

Exporting Financial Ratios to Excel
To export the Financial Ratio data you are currently viewing to Excel, select the 'Save as Excel' link.

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