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A company's Cash Flow Statement is a summary of a company's cash receipts and cash disbursements over a period of time; Lists cash to and cash from operating, investing, and financing activities, along with the net increase or decrease in cash for the period.

Cash Flow data is prepared by EDGAR Online using a proprietary standardized industrial company format. When extracting data from SEC filings, EDGAR Online reserves the right to reclassify line items and regroup amounts to meet their specifications. Therefore, it is possible that the EDGAR Online Financials displayed will not have a one-for-one mapping of line items and amounts. This standard format allows for direct comparison of all companies, industries and indexes, across multiple time frames and for a multitude of factors.

Viewing Cash Flow Data
By default, quarterly Cash Flow data is displayed, and values expressed in (000's). Switch to Annual Cash Flow data by selecting the 'Annual Cash Flow' link displayed above the data. Switch to Trailing Twelve Month Cash Flow data by selecting the 'Trailing Twelve Months' link displayed above the data.

Switch back to Quarterly Cash Flow data by selected the 'Quarterly Cash Flow' link displayed on the Cash Flow data view.

Cash Flow Data Verification
Under each Quarter or Annual data column, select the 'View Source Filing' link to be taken directly to the corresponding SEC Filing section.

Exporting Cash Flow Data to Excel
To export the Cash Flow data you are currently viewing to Excel, select the 'Save as Excel' link.

Charting Cash Flow Data
You can quickly and easily chart any row of Cash Flow Data by selecting the () icon next to each data row.

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