Help - Institutional Holders

Institutional Holders provides you with extracted data from 13F-HR type filings which allow you to view the Insitutional Holdings of a company.

Viewing Positions
To view New Positions, Increased Positions, Decreased Positions, Holders With Activity or Sold Out Positions, select the appropriate link under the Ownership Analysis section.

Viewing Institutional Holdings
To view a particular Institution's Holdings, select the row of data and click anywhere in the row.

Sorting Instituional Holdings
Sort by Company Name, Shares Held, Change in Shares, % Change in Shares, $ Market Value, % of Portfolio, % of TSO or Report Date by clicking on the column label.

Adding Institutional Holdings to a Dashboard
To add the Institutional Holdings of the company you are viewing to one of your personal dashboard displays, click the add (Add Icon) icon at the top of the screen.

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